How to make an order

If you are wandering how to put in an order for prescription glasses, we can tell you it is very simple!

Follow the easy guide down below for a basic breakdown on how to do this:


Choose your frame

This has to be the most fun part of the ordering process. 

The three most important things to remember when picking your perfect frames, is to consider: Shape, Colour and Size

You can use our filters on collection pages to narrow down exactly what you are after. 

(image: 'Arya', 'Jasmine', 'Ashley')


The shape of the frame you choose can really help emphasie your best features, Choosing a shape that doesn't suit your face can also have the opposite effect.

You can find out which frame shape could suit you the most, by reading our guide on Face Shapes & Frame Styles 


 The size of the frame can play an important factor in how well your glasses will fit your face. 

A narrow frame will not suit a wider face and at the same time a wide frame will not suit a narrower face. Another factor to keep in mind is the temple length. If the length is either to small or to big, this can effect how well the glasses will sit behind the ear. 

You can see frame measurements on the inside temple of your glasses. We would advise to try to closely match the size of your new glasses with your old pair for the most optimal fitting. 


The last, but by no means least factor to decide on, is choosing the colour of your frames. 

This is all down to personal preference. Most frames will come with different colours to pick from, leaving you spoilt for choice.

If unsure, why not get a few different colours, which you can always swap around for different occasions?  😎

Step 2

Choose your Lenses

This is specific to your personal needs and can also be dependent on your prescription. Click the tab 'ADD PRESCRIPTION' to start the journey of adding lenses into your chosen frames.

Choosing  the right lenses for you, can have a big impact on the quality of your vision and shouldn't be ignored if your looking for your perfect pair of glasses. Make sure to read every option when choosing.

If you don't want prescription lenses added, you can also click 'Non-Prescription'. 


Step 3

Enter your Prescription

 The final part of the ordering process and also the most important! Your prescription enables us to put the right lenses into your frames and also helps to pass our quality checks. 

If you do not have a valid prescription from your last eye test, then you can have one made by seeing your local opticians and having a new eye test, or you can request a copy if it's still valid from your previous eye exam. (valid for 2 years for most people)

If you wish to send it later after making your order, that is also possible. One of our qualified opticians will make sure to contact you and request a copy before processing your order for completion. 

Read our guide on How to Understand your Prescription for more information.

Step 4

Make your payment

First check you are happy with all of the above by double checking what you have ordered.

Once happy, make the payment by following the onscreen instructions at checkout. 

That's it, now you are all done!  

Need more Help?

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, you can contact us and we will help you step by step to get what you need to complete an order.


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