Optical King is a UK based company established in 2019 who aim to provide the best quality eyewear at the best price possible!


What makes Optical King different from other online companies?
  1. Firstly, we are UK based. This allows us to provide fast delivery and quality assurance of every pair of glasses we produce, following all rules and regulations under British standards.
  2. Secondly, we are very specific on what we can provide and have fully qualified Optometrists that check every order purchased before being sent to the lab and again before delivery, leaving no stone unturned. You can therefore be assured, the finished pair of specs you receive is of the highest quality when it arrives to your door. 
  3. Our prices are competitive when it comes to our high quality frames and lenses. You will find it hard to find another established retailer online that can beat our prices and if you do, at a minimum we will price match!


Why online?

The main benefit being online, is that we are able to reach every person, no matter the city or region within the UK and across the world! Something we probably would not have been able to accomplish with physical shops. 
The future is digital and so why restrict vision correction from its indefinite future? If its possible to correct eyesight from a click of the button from home, then we believe this service should be provided to every person, especially the British public. 


How do you manage to provide low prices on glasses?

The simple answer is that we have cut out the 'middle man'. Meaning, we are at the forefront of production and distribution, starting from the factory going to the labs and then reaching you.  

The benefits of having the best vision possible should not be obstructed by price and so with that belief you will find a range of prices starting from a reasonable £9.99 and going upwards. Whatever the budget - We have you covered.


Where do you get your Designer range from?

All of the Designer range that you find have been provided by there official licensed providers. We work with Safilo, Marcolin and many others. All of the eyewear we provide is authentic and come with manufacturers warranty. 


What is Optical Kings long-term goal?
Our company is founded on the idea of 'Give to others, what you would want given to you!' and from this we try our best to provide the best possible service and Eyewear to our customers! :)
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